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MEDCHAMPS News: Qualitative Data Analysis Workshop for Wp5

MEDCHAMPS News: Qualitative Data Analysis Workshop for Wp5


A Qualitative Data Analysis Workshop for WP5 was held in Istanbul, 14th-17th September 2010. The workshop was facilitated by Prof. Peter Phillimore and Dr. Shahaduz Zaman from Newcastle University and organized by the Turkish team.

Staffs from the four MEDCHAMPS participating countries - Syria, Tunisia, OPTs and Turkey - were present at the workshop. The primary aims were:

     - To train the participants in purpose and scope of qualitative analysis

     - To gain practice in doing analysis and reflecting/justifying choices

     - To identifying the initial patterns of the findings and make a preliminary comparison

     - To discuss the data integration and policy implications.


The sequence of sessions was as follows:

     1- Feedback and initial sharing of ideas

     2- Teaching the principles of qualitative data analysis; initial practice

     3- Intensive practice, and meetings with individual teams

     4- Reviewing progress; comparative analysis; integration with WP2-4 & 6; from analysis to writing


Each country made a presentation for about 15 minutes which included experiences of data collection process, critical judgment on data quality of different parts and major broad themes emerging from the data.


The most important task of this workshop was to give researchers the confidence to analyse qualitative research data, a new skill for most participants, so that all teams had intensive practice learning how to undertake analysis using their own data; this was spread over four sessions.


On the final day Prof. Peter Phillimore discussed the probable layouts for report writing as well as the timetable, and all collectively agreed to follow this.