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Clinical behavioral pharmacology laboratory


Laboratory Team - Dr. Samer Rastam and Iman IbrahimThe primary area of research in the clinical laboratory is the behavioral aspects of tobacco abuse; it is served to better understand tobacco dependence and to help in development of more effective cessation protocols developed in the center; While the procedures and methods used in clinical laboratory research is developed and validated in developed countries, it is still not validated in many Eastern Mediterranean countries including Syria. Syrian center for tobacco studies clinical laboratory (SCTS Lab) is operating in a different culture from that in which its procedures and methods were developed.  SCTS Lab adapts and validates procedures (e.g., subject recruitment, informed consent, subject payment, and debriefing) and methods (data collection, storage, analysis) in the region.





Another important objective of SCTS Lab is to explore the local traditional forms of tobacco use, especially waterpipe smoking which become very popular in the Eastern Mediterranean region; that is directly relevant

to planning cessation interventions for waterpipe users at the Syrian center for tobacco studies. It will help determine reasons for waterpipe use and the nicotine dependence levels and the doses of nicotine replacement medication required for waterpipe users.

 A third important objective of SCTS Lab is to recruit and train a group of Syrian scientists in clinical methods. 

 SCTS Lab is directed by Prof. Thomas Eissenberg, specializes in research on nicotine and smoking cessation, and managed locally by Dr. Samer Rastam, specializes in clinical pathology.